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Mallen Music Ranch composes and records music for Music Videos and Music for Product Promotion Videos. Philippe Mallen, owner of the Mallen Music Ranch has over 30 years experience as a musician and composer. Come to the serene 10 acre ranch located betwwn Bend Oregon and Sisters Oregon for your music recording needs.

Call Mallen Music Ranch at 541-420-3525 for your own personal recording studio experience

Mallen Music Ranch
Bend, Oregon 97701

Mallen Music Ranch specializes in high quality audio production. With a studio running the latest equipment and 20 years of experience, every note is perfect.

Mallen Music Ranch specializes in high quality audio production. The recording studio at Mallen Music Ranch uses the latest state of the art digital audio equipment. With over 30 years of experience, Philippe Mallen ensures that every note is perfect.

At the Mallen Music Ranch we make your song recording session unique and special. Our recording studio rates are very competitive. The country setting at our studio is serene and peaceful, perfect for enchancing your creative talents.

Please contact us regarding your audio recording needs: CD recording and mastering, music production, sound editing, sound effects, jingles, karaoke recording and many other audio services are available.

Click the links below to see samples of our work.

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